EPI Series

True Online Double Conversion UPS
Technology: True Online Double Conversion UPS – Transformer-based
Size: 6KVA -30KVA
Input/output Voltage: 400V/230V
Design: Tower
Power Factor: 0.8
Battery: Internal or external
Software: Intelligent


The EPI Series transformer based on-line Double Conversion UPS’s are best known for their durability and performance. When sized correctly, these units are able to drive motors, air conditioners, copiers and large networks as well as provide the ultimate protection against surges, dips, blackouts and lightning. With a lifespan of over 15 years, see this as an investment for your company.

Mission Critical Processes, Computer Rooms, Networking Equipment, SOHO, Servers, Industry Equipment, Medical Equipment or Other Critical Systems


  • Three phase in, one phase out
  • True on-line double conversion design providing full power protection
  • IGBT inverter design
  • Wide input voltage window
  • Pure sine wave output less than 3% THD
  • Expandable battery run time
  • Generator compatible
  • Cold start
  • Load/Battery power meter display
  • Overload, on-line, battery status
  • LED/LCD display
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Automatic charging in UPS off mode
  • Smart RS-232 communication port
  • Parallel capability