MPP Series

True Online Double Conversion UPS
Technology: True Online Double Conversion UPS
Size: 10KVA -200KVA
Input/output Voltage: 400V/400V
Design: Rackmount
Power Factor: 0.9
Battery: External matching cabinet
Software: Intelligent


Designed for small to large businesses, the MPP Series modular on-line UPS is designed to grow with your business. Modularization design ranking allows you to grow from 10KVA – 200KVA, the unit is N+X parallel, digital control and comes in various size 19 inch cabinets. The LCD control panel is designed to allow the user full usage and control of the UPS. With 2-10 modules parallel, this is the new generation three phase UPS.

Large Data Centres, Internet Data Centres, Telecoms, IT Equipment & Other Mission-Critical Applications


  • Three phases in/three phases out
  • Digital control
  • 19 inch standard cabinets
  • Modular design (10KVA, 15KVA & 20KVA Modules)
  • Max power density in UPS Field
  • Parallel redundancy function of control systems
  • Optimization topology of power supply systems
  • Small and medium-sized distribution system
  • Sharing battery in parallel mode
  • Free setting of charge current
  • Intelligent charge mode
  • LCD touch screen
  • Intelligent monitoring function
  • Maintenance bypass
  • Short shutdown time for maintenance
  • Multi-purpose UPS
  • EPO function