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SNMP Adapter


NetAgent is a new generation SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitoring product. The adapter allows you to remotely control your UPS and get the status of it at any time in a any place. This product is for “Contact Closure” or “RS232” (SW-06 model) interface UPS. The communication protocol includes PSS single and three phase UPS’s.

NetAgent provides a simple and easy installation procedure. Users only need to install the software of NetAgent CD on a Windows environment to configure the IP address with a program called Netility. All the other configurations could be accomplished in a Web browser such as Internet Explorer.

The adaptor allows you to monitor AC power failure, battery low, overloading, over temperature and scheduled shutdown.

Users can configure these conditions to initiate a system shutdown event to avoid the abnormal power disconnection of the system.


  • Manage and configure via Telnet, Web Browser or NMS
  • Support TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, PPP, HTTP, SMTP Protocol
  • Sending both of SNMP TRAP and E-mail for events notification.
  • Auto email daily UPS history report
  • Send SMS for events notification
  • Matches with shutdown software to protect computer’s file saving and shutdown safely
  • Netility to setup adaptor network settings
  • ClientMate multiple shutdown software included
  • SNMP Viewer to monitor UPS

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