10 000VA M Series Rack/Tower

Technology: True Online Double Conversion UPS

Size: 10 000VA

Input/output Voltage: 230V/230V

Design: Tower or Rackmount

Power Factor: 0.9

Battery: External Battery Rack

Software: Intelligent



Sleek in design, these true on-line UPS’s provide the best protection for your expensive server room equipment. The double conversion technology makes this unit an excellent stabilizer for power. Pure sine wave is always provided, whether on the mains or battery. Battery banks can provided up to 4 hours runtime. Designed for the server room environment, you will have to look far to find a better unit.


PC’s, Workstations, Network Centres, SOHO, Servers, Industry Equipment, Medical Equipment or Other Critical Systems

To be installed into a distribution board


  • Rack-tower convertible
  • Two directions LCD display
  • On-line double conversion
  • Output power factor: 0.9
  • Extended runtime with up to four extended battery modules
  • Optimized battery configuration: 16/18/20
  • Emergency shutdown through remote emergency power-off (EPO) port
  • Three segment charging mode to increase battery service life and optimize recharge time
  • Diverse options of accessories, intelligent management
  • Intelligent slot – optional SNMP/dry contact board
  • Input neutral and live wires reverse detection
  • Economic operation mode (ECO)
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Self-testing on UPS start-up
  • Cold Start (DC)
  • Hot-swappable battery pack
  • Output voltage can be set
  • Full digital control (DSP)

***Battery Rack needed ***

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x UPS
  • Manual
  • Intelligent Software
  • Serial Cable


443 X 580 X 131 (W-D-H)mm  26kg



Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 44.3 × 58 × 13.1 cm


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